The Players


Bob Sworaski

Bob Sworaski was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and raised by supporting parents across the river in New Jersey and at an early age found his passion for music. His parents used to watch “The Lawrence Welk” show religiously and Bob saw Myron Floren playing the Accordion. His parents who were big fans of the accordion asked him if he would be interested in taking lessons. That was the starting point. Starting at 8 years old, he took accordion lessons for 8 years and later switched to Piano. "The times they were a-changing" when he got into writing original music and realized that he could hear things in his head that would translate to the keyboard. He listened to everything and studied the history and the players of most genres.  

At 16 he started his first band, “The Blues Illusion” and that was the beginning of playing live. He later became part of “Great Pride”, who did original material in which he wrote a large percentage of the songs. The band was signed to then “MGM records” and released a single entitled “She’s a Lady”. he band toured throughout the country. Although the band had established a bit of a following, unfortunately it was not enough to make a living to raise a family.

On the home front he was able to work for a local recording studio managing day to day operations. After hours or when time was available. he put together a “Concept” album, a “rock opera” entitled “Fantasy Suite”. The record received good reviews locally but never took off nationally. After a long hiatus to help raise 2 boys, he was asked to join a band called “Sex Rodeo”.

That experience re-energized his passion for music again. The CD was released on a label out of Los Angeles and led to brief tours. During that time he started building a home studio that today has grown to a state of the art small production studio. His passion turned to an interest in producing also, and he has worked with local artists and also in Europe. All those sketches in his head finally led to a solo effort called “The Genre Project”. The “Genre Project” CD entitled “Guilty Pleasures” will be released in September 2012.

He recently started a professional corporation called “The Genre Music Group, LLC. This will be a platform for his music, soundtracks, and the development of talented upcoming artists as well as collaborations with other musicians