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Tony Monzo

Tony Monzo got his start on guitar when his brother brought home a folk guitar and wanted to learn how to play. His brother became disinterested soon after he brought it home. Tony became interested immediately and started to pick it up very quickly. He was 10 years old. The guitar seemed very natural to Tony and things came very easy to him. He hasn’t put it down since.

The first guitar Tony ever owned was an Ibanez SG copy, but the first real guitar was a 1972 Gibson Les Paul  Custom that his mom and dad bought him. He still owns that guitar and would never sell it!

Tony has played with many artists and bands in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas since he started playing. Tony has done session work work and has been hired to play as a fill-in guitarist on many occasions with many talented musicians in the area and from all over the country. He has always been open to playing all styles of music and experimenting with musicians of different styles to expand his knowledge of the “art” of music.

Tony was formerly trained in music by a Berklee student who had been a Jazz musician so jazz theory has always been his forte. When you come down to it Rock has always been his passion, although he still continues to enjoy playing and listening to all styles of music.

Tony’s biggest influence has been the “Rolling Stones”. He remembers hearing Keith Richard’s intro to “Honky Tonk Woman” and Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” and being “completely blown away”. He has also been influenced to a slightly lesser extent by Jeff Beck, Mick Taylor (when he was with the “Stones”) andJimmy Page (for his producing, guitar arrangements, and playing), just to name a few. Tony is always listening to musicians and constantly being influenced by anything that moves him. Recent influences have been players of the Guthrie Govan “ilk”.

Tony has always been interested in audio engineering and production and has done both professionally. He has always had a studio at every home that he has lived in. He thinks that it is only natural and obvious that ANY musician should be interested in recording sound.

Tony’s goals as a musician are very simple. He has this continuing desire to play and create sounds of any form with other musicians. His ultimate goal is for his music to be accepted by his peers and listeners as a positive influence in their lives. He wants to drive them in a positive way somehow. Nothing would make him happier than to know that something he has been a part of musically has been accepted by those who have been striving for the same things.

Tony came to playing in The Genre Project by a coincidence that has become a great fit for the project. He had been playing with some close friends in a rock cover band and Bob had known a couple of the guys from a previous band. Bob was asked to stop down and check out the band and possibly be a part of it. They seemed to “click” right from that moment and became friends ever since. Bob then asked Tony to be a part of The Genre Project and the rest is history.

What gives Tony the most satisfaction when playing? “It is when the music is completely free with no inhibitions. This is very difficult to achieve both in the studio and especially in a “live” environment….but when it happens….there is nothing more satisfying in life”.

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