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The Players


Greg Tyler

Greg Tyler is the drummer and percussionist in The Genre Project. He is a native of the Detroit, Michigan area and has been playing drums and in live bands for most of his adult life. He got his start when at a young age he received a set of bongos from his mother as a gag gift. Obviously they were not a gag to him. After that he moved on to his first set of drums which was a “Monkee’s” play drum set. The rest is history as he has moved on to be a fine drummer and percussionist.

He has played in both original and cover bands over the years but his favorites have been “Skeleton Crew” and “Strawberry Alternative”. He has studied and plays in all styles of music but his favorites are funk and fusion.

No one particular band or artist has had a particular influence on Greg….just every record, 8 track, cassette, and CD he ever heard. This has played a great part in being a very versatile musician. Although his primary instrument is the Drums, he has studied music theory and can play multiple instruments including Piano.

His goal as a musician is to make as much music as he can for as long as he can.

He became involved in “The Genre Project” when he happened to meet Bob Sworaski through a mutual friend Mikhal Caldwell, a prolific fusion guitarist. He played on most all tracks on the Genre Project CD. Bob has also played on a number of Greg’s original compositions.

Greg is a very prolific singer / songwriter as well and has released 3 solo CD’s over the last few years. They are “Strawberry Alternative”, “Gone”, and “Back Again”. You can check them out and purchase by going to

Greg gets the most satisfaction performing when he is laying out a “great groove” and it gives the audience that urge to dance.

If you would like to communicate with Greg Tyler you can email him at

Greg’s other Musical Project: ”Strawberry Alternative”

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