The Players


The Players

Luke Wolfrom

Luke Wolfrom actually started out as a drummer. We he got to high school he wanted to join a band but they already had a drummer. He really wanted to be in the band so he lied and said he could play guitar. He borrowed a guitar from a friend and taught himself power chords, started taking lessons and he never looked back.

The first guitar he ever owned was a Fender “Squire” Stratocaster….made in Japan. It was $100.00 and came with an amp….”so I knew it was good!!!”

Luke has only played in two bands but his favorite is the band he has been working with lately…”American Schoolyard”. He has studied various styles including rock, blues, country and some jazz and classical. Right now he really enjoys picking apart old country lap steel licks and applying them to a Standard

6 string electric . He also has a “thing” for learning music on a nylon string acoustic.

The players that have had an influence on Luke are David Gilmore, Robbie Robertson, Danny Gatton, Jimmy Page, Doc Watson and Blind Arthur Blake.

Some of the other things that Luke works with are: Since he started out as a drummer he still dabbles with the drums, though his main instrument is definitely the guitar. He also sings harmony and plays the mandolin. Occasional he plays in musicals and teaches guitar to young students,

His goals as a musician: “Tour the country in a van and learn to play the pedal steel guitar”.

He got involved in The Genre Project through Bob Sworaski’s son Mark. He has known Mark most of his life and spent time in and around the Sworaski household. Over the years Luke and Bob developed a mutual respect for each other’s musical abilities. When Luke was invited to join The Genre Project, he was more than happy to get involved.

Luke gets the most musical satisfaction through collaboration. He loves the moment when someone else takes a song that he has written and takes it in a completely different direction.


If you would like to communicate with Luke Wolfrom  you can email him at

Greg’s other Musical Project: ”American Schoolyard”

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